Typing tutorial available from the Hildur H. Michel Charitable Trust Grant

The Hildur H. Michel Charitable Trust, though Wells Fargo Philanthropic Services, awarded a generous grant to Computers for the Blind to provide an accessible typing tutorial to 100 Texans who purchase a computer in 2021. Computers for the Blind’s mission is to bring the world of information technology to persons who are blind or visually impaired, allowing them to access school, work, and activities of everyday life. Over 70% of their clients are over the age of 50 or under the age of 15. These two populations often do not have the basic typing skills that allow them to efficiently use their accessible computer. Information technology is available to them through their computer, but it can be slow and cumbersome without typing skills.

The traditional online typing programs are based on visual skills, and are not accessible to someone who is blind. Typio, created by Accessibyte, is a typing program that teaches skills by highly visual and auditory means, thereby being completely accessible to the visually impaired. The Hilder Michel grant covers the cost of 100 Typio Typing Tutorials for clients with visual impairments that purchase a computer in the state of Texas. This resource will allow for greater success by assisting in one of the most basic beginning skills of technology access! Computers for the Blind and Accessibyte are proud to be ongoing partners in the mission of increasing digital literacy for the visually impaired.

For more information on Accessibyte: https://www.accessibyte.com/

For more information on computers specifications from Computers for the Blind, please see the Fact Sheet:

To order a computer, call customer service at 214-340-6328 or email: service@computersfortheblind.org

This grant is available immediately and will be continued until all funds are spent.
Please share this with all vision professionals, rehabilitation counselors, consumers, consumer organizations and veteran/military connections throughout United States.

CONTACT: Christy Householter, Executive Director chouseholter@computersfortheblind.org