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Testimonial from Peter Odonoghue

I recently completed the training class for JAWS beginners as part of class number 2.
I have used JAWS for many years in my capacity as an Attorney and as a Superior Court Judge for the State of New York.
Having learned JAWS many years ago, I have not received such thorough JAWS training as I received with this course.

The course was full of many different segments which I feel captures exactly what a beginning user needs to learn all about JAWS, use of Windows and fundamental basics of using a computer.
I believe that the course allows the student to get a taste of many things which will motivate the student to learn more and ask questions about other topics.

I am impressed with both Marci and Steve in their abilities as trainers to facilitate and maintain professionalism, a pleasant atmosphere of learning and an unwavering willingness to help everyone no matter the skill level.
I believe that this training class is a must need for anyone recently having lost their sight or someone who is new to using JAWS.
I hope that this program expands and continues for the benefit of all.

On behalf of those who have gotten a computer, you are doing a fabulous job!

I am a rehabilitation teacher for the visually impaired population in Alabama and I have frequently phoned you over the past four years that I have been employed with the Department of Rehabilitation Services in Birmingham. You with your army of volunteers, donors and generous manufacturers of products that help people who have vision loss are all to be commended for your efforts. I don’t know how often expressions of gratitude from the people who receive your access-ready treasures make it to your ears, but I want to say on behalf of the half-dozen plus whom I know that you are all doing a fabulous job to add to the quality of life of individuals and of our society at large.

Alabama Dpt of Rehabilitation

I will try my best to use this machine to improve my life and the lives of my family.

Thank you to the staff and volunteers of the Center for sending me this computer! I will try my best to use this machine to improve my life and the lives of my family. The training I am receiving from the New Orleans Lighthouse for the Blind and this equipment, it should go a long way to helping me become more independent and find a job. The Zoom Text software is fabulous! It is already helping me to do something I have never been able to do before: send and receive emails! Also I have been able to read a book online! Having the Internet available to me will also be wonderful as I can search for many things of interest and help me do research for my genealogy. Thanks and God bless!

Reid B

My Right Hand in Life

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to provide a wonderful opportunity for the blind and visually impaired. I have been using the computer that I received a little more than a year ago almost daily. My computer is my right hand in life. It opened up the world of opportunities. Thank you very much.

Shiro I

Thank You!

I just wanted to thank you so very much for your expediency and the abilities that you have offered me over the years to provide me carefree computer use. Every time I call you, the work gets done. It’s just a breath of fresh air working with you. Have a wonderful day, I look forward to talking with you in the future.

Ken L

Thanks for a Great Computer

This is Mickey from Tuscaloosa Alabama! Thank you very much for the great job you have done in supplying me with such a great laptop computer. This Lenovo Thinkpad is an awesome computer, thanks again!

Mickey T

Your efforts have changed my life.

Hello, my name is Barry, owner of mountaincrafted.com. I’m writing to express the fact that with your assistance with a computer I was able to build and now operate a successful business. As my subject states, your efforts change lives! Thanks a million times over!

Barry and Debra C

Without help from CFTB, I could not afford having a computer.

I am a member of the my local chapter of the National Federation of the Blind. I am currently using my second computer from CFTB. My first one ran Windows XP and now I’m using Windows 7. I really appreciate the opportunity to have a computer. Without the help from CFTB, there would be no way that I could afford having a computer. I learn so much from being able to use the internet. I am also interested in learning more about the audio descriptive movie loan program. CFTB has improved the lives of countless blind people. Thanks so much for being there for all of us!

Linda F

This has been a life-changer for me!

The package arrived on Friday and everything seems to be in order. Please express my appreciation to all the staff and volunteers that make this program possible. It has been a life-changer for me and I am sure that there are many other blind individuals that have benefited from this program. Thank you very much!


I have published 3 books

A big thank you to everyone for all that you have done for me. With the help of the software on the computer, I have been able to write and publish 3 books.

Michael C

This is an amazing service that you are providing

Sending you a big thank you. My student has received her new and first computer. Thank you and your organization for making this possible. It is an amazing service that you are providing. I have high hopes that this student will break the ceiling as a blind Hispanic female and reach great heights of success in her future!


You’ve Made a Real Difference for Me

Thank you to the people at Computers for the Blind for making this possible. I would have never been able to afford the hardware and software. Your grant is making a big difference and allowing much greater freedom for me to not be tethered to a desktop. Thanks again, you’ve made a real difference for me.

Elliot W

I feel as if I have been given an extra pair of eyes and the ability to succeed.

I truly appreciate all of the volunteers from Computers for the Blind in providing individuals with much needed equipment. For many years I have struggled with gradual sight loss, as one must go back and re-learn new skills and regain your independence to fulfill everyday obligations. Sometimes not knowing what resources are available or the lack of economic resources can be contributing factors that keep you from being able to fully regain your independence. After searching, I was finally abl…

Maria T

My computer has lifted a weight from my shoulder

I would like to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the laptop. Having this opportunity means a lot to me. For a while I have struggled with schooling. I went a bit slower than the others, so a lot of times I couldn’t finish my schoolwork. I wasn’t turning my work in or would turn it in late. With this computer, however, a lot of weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It is easier now to turn in my work because I can just ask my teachers to email my assignments to me. The work I…

Kauye H

It has changed my students’ lives

Definitely one of the best organizations for the blind and low vision community. Thanks you for your services!


Thanks CFTB!

For school I have been enlarging my text and course material using an iPad. For my upcoming final competency exam, I found I would be limited to using a PC with ZoomText. Yikes! I could not afford a new computer and ZoomText. CFTB provided me with a great laptop with Fusion. As soon as I turned on the computer, I was able to get started right away using ZoomText with the practice exams. I appreciate the great customer service from the first phone call to the delivery-all went so smoothly.


Thank You

I just wanted to let you know that I love my laptop. I couldn’t be any happier. Thank you again and again.

Nancy S

Grateful to CFTB

Computers for the Blind has been a blessing in a number of ways. I will enumerate a few ways for you. This wonderful organization helped me get my self-esteem. They help me rediscover my love of blogging. They helped me gain added computer skills through the JAWS, a program I did not know existed until I lost my sight. Finally, and most importantly, I made some new friends. I lost my sight two years ago. At first, I thought it’s all over. Everything I had done up to that point was through my vision. I became depressed and felt useless as a family man. A social worker friend made me aware many people who have lost their vision continue to do the things they love. The only difference is they can no longer see. She made me realize I can continue to blog. I would have to use my ears instead of my eyes. She gave me the number for the organization. I had my son call the next day. I was met on the phone by a very courteous person who informed me they could (sic) help me get a…

Walki A.

Student Success!

I wanted to share a positive story with you all in the midst of all the difficulty our world is facing. One of my students won a computer (sic) at White Cane Day this year, and we have really been putting it to good use during our school district’s shift to online education. She has remarked several times how much it means to have a laptop of her own, rather than just the laptop from her school (which has a lot of restrictions as a school computer). She is completely blind and still learning to use JAWS, and this weekend she wrote me an email from her CftB laptop instead of her iPad (her usual device). She was so excited to be able to send email using JAWS and her own laptop, and she said how much she loves learning new things on her laptop. We have been using JAWS tandem, which allows me access to her computer since we are working together remotely. She still has a lot to learn about JAWS, but we are on our way!


thanks for an awesome computer at an economical price!

I just wanted to express my thanks for the awesome laptop that I have received from Computers for the Blind. What a great organization, and I want to say a special thanks to my friend of many years, Marcie Duty for assisting me with the application process as well as helping me get my Windows setup to meet my needs.

Cindy Barnett

Musician thanks

I am so happy to have a new computer from Computers for the Blind. It is a great tool for my recording studio, which is set up in the back bedroom in my apartment here, in Broken Bow, Nebraska. Just yesterday, I hooked my Presonus AR-8 USB mixer to the PC, and am currently working on the instrumental track of a song by Chris Stapleton, Nobody to Blame But Me. I will add vocals after the track is completed. I am also a free-lance author, and I am working on several writing projects. So this computer is a lot of help. I love the solid state drive. Having never used one of these things, I am blown away by how fast this computer boots up. I mean it is turbo char ged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Once again, many thanks to you and the staff at Computers for the Blind. Take care.

Jason McKown

Improved life

Dictated message: I am delighted with my laptop from computers for the Blind. The importance of how computers for the blind enhances the lives of persons who are blind and people with low vision is unbelievable. Our lives are improved by the offer of technology from Freedom scientific. Through this partnership with Freedom Scientific individuals can now afford the technology they need. I am a Sunday school leader and this computer helps me prepare my lessons. I can now read PowerPoint presentations and .pdf files using JAWS. I am so glad I learned about your organization and will happily promote you in videos if this is your request. Thank you for the excellent work you do for persons who are blind and with low vision. End of dictated message

Rob Morgan


God Bless You!!! I picked up my laptop. I have just begun to get ‘acquainted’. I feel like a newborn baby with it. It has been three to four years since using a laptop. I have used the library’s desktop and CareerSource/Worknet computers a little. I feel truly blessed to see, hear and even have this laptop!! Thank you so very much, for the programs on it to use it, TOO!!I am just reeling and so very happy! Stay Safe and Be Blessed!!


God bless CFTB!

Thank you SO MUCH to CFTB for having this program available to the blind community, it truly is a blessing. I received my computer in Nov. 2019, and was having some technical problems with it after about 6 months, they repaired the computer, it works like a gem now, even better than when I received the computer! I’m now able to stay occupied during the pandemic both with personal and recreational use. Thank you to all of the Computers For The Blind staff and volunteers.

Elizabeth Morgan

What has been saved?

Earlier this year I was referred to your organization to inquire about a new or rebuilt computer. Computers For The Blind helped me in so many ways. From the first call, to the arrival of my new updated computer the experience was remarkable. Everyone I encountered was informative and friendly. The purchase was so affordable and prompt. All of the extra programs are a treasure trove of information for the future. The most astounding part of our becoming acquainted was when you suggested assistive technology training program with World Services For the Blind.Your referral to World Services For The Blind to learn all about my new computer from home was an answered prayer. While training is available here in St. Louis the transportation, milage, and cost of training was unobtainable. I wanted you to know how Computers For The Blind has enhanced my independence through your gift of updated technology. Thank you seems so small when you consider what your organization has given me.I…

Carol C

Raffle winner!

I received a laptop computer decked out with a screen reader and productivity software from Computers for the Blind after winning a raffle this summer. The computer works beautifully, and is an essential tool in my studies with the braille transcription and proofreading certification program. I use six-key direct braille input to complete the lessons. As a professional writer and editor, I use the computer daily to create accessible documents in both print and braille. In addition, I conduct research, participate in online meetings, manage email, make audio recordings, and work with spreadsheets. The computer handles it all with ease. It was exciting to have the computer start talking right out of the box, and not have to need sighted assistance to get started. There are training materials and helpful resources provided right on the desktop, and technical support available if needed. I was happy to find Microsoft Word and Excel installed along with a number of other programs. There…

Karen from Austin

Compliment CFTB

I wanted to pay a compliment to Computers for the Blind for putting together an outstanding desktop computer system for my client. We unboxed the system today, and I was immediately impressed with the beautiful twenty three inch monitor, speakers, tower and other hardware in addition to the Fusion package provided as well as MS Office Student Addition and the antivirus software. We turned the computer on and the assistive technology came up right away functioning perfectly. I also appreciated the Read This First document which made it easy to create new documents and access the media player among other items. Essentially, I have never seen a simpler ready-to-use system, packed with everything my client will need in all my years in working with assistive technology. It is truly exceptional!

Suzanne W, New Jersey

Exceeds expectations!

I want to personally thank each and every one who had a hand in building my new Dell laptop and delivering it so promptly. With its incredible processor, wonderfully large and clear screen for a ZoomText reader, terrific software packages, USB ports and more, it exceeds my expectations of what I would be receiving! I am beyond pleased to already be working within the Windows Mail app from my personal Gmail account, and typing to all of you. In addition to my personal use, exploring everything included on this computer is going to greatly help me assist my clients who have already or who are in the process of purchasing their own computers from Computers for the Blind. Although the hardware will differ somewhat, I know the software included will be the same, thus making it easier for me to understand how to get them moving forward quickly and effectively. Finally, this laptop will also give me the opportunity to hopefully offer my services in projects outside the scope of my regular jo…