Cleanlogic Contributes to CFTB with Inspiration Foundation AT Grant

(Dallas, TX) December, 2020.

Computers for the Blind has been awarded an assistive technology grant from the Inspiration Foundation and plans to use the money to further their mission by purchasing a Braille embosser as well as software to provide computer set-up instructions in Braille! Cleanlogic created its philanthropic division, the Inspiration Foundation, as a way to help nonprofit organizations purchase assistive technology equipment in order to fulfill their needs.

“At Computers for the Blind, we are constantly working on reaching more blind individuals and working on ways to give greater access to materials because it is our belief that technology opens new worlds and creates opportunity for greater personal freedom,” said Christy Householter, Computers For The Blind Executive Director.

The Inspiration Foundation Assistive Technology Grants are awarded to smaller nonprofits to help them provide increased accessibility within their organizations or in their products and services. The founder of Cleanlogic was inspired by his mom, who lost her sight when she was 7. Despite the challenges she encountered, she became a passionate advocate, helping other blind and visually impaired individuals gain employment. The Inspiration Foundation’s Board believes that successful job placement and retention depends on strong technology skills, and that independent living skills are augmented by technology. Together, these organizations are providing persons who are blind or have reduced vision the technology they need, one product at a time!