Our Partners / Supporters


There are many organizations and individuals that work tirelessly to provide resources to support the blind, and we are grateful for their efforts, as well as their support to our organization. We like to highlight these partnerships and others who we work closely with to continue to further our mission of opening the world of technology to those with visual impairments. If you or your organization would like to partner with us to help further our mission, please contact us by emailing info@computersfortheblind.org.


Vispero logo

Our partnership with Vispero allows us to provide accessibility software with our computers. Each computer ships with a one-year license to JAWS or ZoomText, after which the user can join the Home-Annual subscription. We believe shipping the industry standard accessibility software gives our clients the best chance for success.

Donor Organizations

State Agencies

We work with many state’s agencies for the blind as an approved vendor. Through this partnership, individuals may work with their state agency to purchase a computer and receive help to get it set up. Contact your state’s agency for the blind for more information. We continually reach out to partner with more states, if you are with a state agency and would like to get more information, contact us at info@computersfortheblind.org.

Many other organizations help us with things from computer systems and software to volunteers. Others also donate grants that help us provide computers. We know that collaboration is a great way to advance our mission, and help others do the same, and we are always looking for opportunities to work with others. If your organization would like to become involved in any part of our process, please contact us at: info@computersfortheblind.org