Delta Gamma grant for students and veterans!

Computers for the Blind is pleased to announce that they have received two generous grants from the Delta Gamma Foundation. The purpose of these grants is to provide computers at $60 off the regular low price of a refurbished accessible laptop or desktop computer for students and veterans. Each computer can be individualized per software and hardware available.

STUDENTS: This grant is available to any student whose vision prohibits them from using a computer without accessibility software. Those that meet this criterion will need to submit a letter from their vision professional (TVI, COMS, etc.) stating that the student would benefit from having an accessible computer in the home.

VETERANS: This grant is available to any active military personnel, veterans, and the spouses of active military personnel and veterans. Those that meet this criterion will need to provide proof of their military status or that of their spouse.

For more information on computers specifications, please see the Fact Sheet:

To order a computer, call customer service at 214-340-6328 or email:

This grant is available immediately and will be continued until all funds are spent. Please share this with all vision professionals, rehabilitation counselors, consumers, consumer organizations and veteran/military connections throughout United States.

CONTACT: Christy Householter, Executive Director