CFTB Board Member John Paul Burnett Receives TAER Award

John Paul Burnett, a board member for Computers for the Blind, was awarded the 2020 Texas Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (TAER) Texas Chapter Award. TAER gives this award to an “individual or organization, not responsible for direct delivery of services to persons who are blind or visually impaired, but who has, in one form or another, made an outstanding contribution to work for these persons”. CFTB is proud to congratulate John Paul on this award. We would also like to share the nomination letters submitted by some of his peers to highlight the achievements he has accomplished.

Dear TAER nominating committee,

Everywhere I went, I just kept hearing about and running into this man named John Paul Burnett! First, it was at a Lions club event where he was promoting Leader Dogs. Then, it was at Sports Extravaganza for the Blind and Visually Impaired, where he was promoting Texas Lions Camp. Then, I heard he was collecting computers for the agency where I had just starting my “postretirement” part time job at Computers for the Blind. Each of these encounters made me realize that John Paul was one of the most active, energetic, and passionate advocates for our field of visual impairment. Over the years, John Paul has given countless hours to serve on boards that serve persons with visual impairments. As a leader of his Lions district, he worked tirelessly to promote efforts that supported the blind. He was involved at every level……while serving as a leader, he still chose to drive the bus that took students to the Texas Lions Camp! It was no surprise at all when I recently learned that John Paul had been asked to serve on the board of Computers for the Blind. Although I don’t know how he does it, I know he will find time and energy and the same passion I have seen for years as he takes on another role in our field of serving persons who are blind and have reduced vision. I hope you will honor John Paul with this award.


Christy Householter

Dear TAER nominating committee,

John Paul Burnett has been serving blind persons in Texas since when he joined the Lions Club. He is:

  • Past president of the Colleyville Lions Club
  • Past district governor of Lions District 2e2
  • Recipient of the Melvin Jones Award
  • Active Board of Directors of Colleyville Lions Club
  • Texas Lions Camp Director
  • Long Range Planning Board for Leader Dogs for the Blind
  • District 2e2 bus coordinator for the children to go to Texas Lions Camp
  • Board member – Computers for the Blind

When it comes to volunteering to serve persons who are blind, Lions are the hardest workers I have ever seen and John Paul Burnett is the hardest working Lion I have ever seen. Through his efforts, he helps raise thousands of dollars each year for organizations for the blind such as the Fort Worth Lighthouse, Texas Organ & Eye Bank, Lions Eye Glass Recycling Center, World Services for the Blind, Texas Lions Camp, Leader Dogs for the Blind, Beep Baseball, Computers for the Blind, etc. He spends countless hours chopping wood, coordinating transportation and helping at the Lions Camp, collecting eye glasses, refurbished computers, helping form new Lions Clubs, participating in Vision Screening for children and seniors, etc. He is actively involved in several fundraising events each year that provide substantial financial support for organizations for the blind.

Thanks for your consideration of John Paul for this award.

David Jeppson