Compute with Confidence Training

Welcome to Compute With Confidence and much more.
Compute With Confidence is a program where individuals who have recently lost their eyesight or are reintroducing themselves to computing using the JAWS (Job Access with Speech) screen reader can benefit from a JAWS Beginner Training Program.

Compute with Confidence Training Program.

This training program is geared specifically to those who have obtained a computer from Computers For The blind.
Individuals will only be able to take part in the training program if the individual has purchased a computer from Computers For The Blind.
If you would like more information on the computers that are presently available navigate to read more about obtaining a CFTB computer.

What Happens when I get my Computer?

Ok, you just received your computer from CFTB and are unsure what to do next?
Ummm, Open the box?
Your right! You open the box, but what then?
Below you can find links to videos for unboxing both a laptop and desktop computer you receive from CFTB.

Out of Box Instructional Videos

Each of the videos will assist you in taking your laptop or desktop out of the box and successfully setting the device up for use.

CFTB webinars

Computers For The Blind hosts webinars throughout the year, and you can find the list of completed webinars with corresponding documents on the training that took place.

JAWS for Beginners – JAWS Core Reading Commands with the Laptop Keyboard Layout.

Listen to the webinar recording held on May 25, 2023, this will open in a new window.
Open and read the corresponding .pdf document for the webinar, (this will open in a new window.)

Zoom Basics with the JAWS screen reader

Listen to the webinar held on september 7, 2023; Zoom Basics with the JAWS screen reader.
Read the documentation from the webinar Zoom Basics with JAWS.
Read the documentation Zoom hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts using JAWS.

Contacting Computers For The Blind

If you have any questions you can always contact the CFTB Training Group at
If you would like to call and speak with a customer service representative, call 214.340.6328 and choose Option 1.